Corruption as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is dishonest or unlawful behavior especially by powerful people, such as politicians. Has there ever been a more corrupt time in American History than 2008-2016? The evidence says “no”. Every day it is becoming more and more evident that the Obama Administration was the most corrupt ever. Barrack Obama has constantly tried to sell to the citizenry that his administration was “scandal free”. That is just an outright lie – he and his administration define corruption. The facts will prove it.

Right out of the gate we had “Fast & Furious” where the government sold guns to cartel members that were later used to kill a US Border Patrol agent.

His Attorney General, Eric Holder, was held in contempt of Congress. The only cabinet-level appointee ever charged with contempt in American History.

The Obama-Care Scandal with the political payoffs to Senators, the billion-dollar website that didn’t work, Obama’s great lie of “You can keep your doctor”. The list on just Obama-Care could take up an entire post.

The IRS scandal where they admittedly singled-out conservative groups. They lied about having computer back-ups that would prove their dishonesty.

His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, had a private-server in her basement where that contained some of the most top secret information in the government. She knowingly used the unsecured server to transmit this information. Both of these facts are criminal acts.

Benghazi, where they made up a story blaming an internet video to cover up the death of four brave Americans.

There are so many more to list. On the other hand, we need to look at the very recent scandals that are coming to light. These are the ones that actually may finally put Hillary Clinton behind bars. And if we are lucky Barrack Obama himself.

The first is the Uranium One scandal. Apparently his administration covered-up the fact that there was an on-going FBI investigation of the Russian company that he and Hillary Clinton wanted to sell twenty-percent of the United State’s uranium reserves.

The second, are the lies about who paid for the “Trump Dossier” and the FBI’s, Hillary Clinton’s, the Democratic National Committee, and Obama himself.

Finally, their lies, deceit, and denials are all coming out now – corruption cannot stay hidden forever – stay tuned!

Cary Michael Cox