Krav Maga is the best self-defense system on the planet in my opinion. There is a reason most top Special Operation Groups use it. These include Navy Seals, Delta Force, SAS, and Shayetet 13 the Israeli equivalent of the US Navy Seals. In fact, Krav Maga is taught to every member of the Israeli Defense Force. Moreover, this combat system has been adopted by many of the top law enforcement agencies nationwide. If all of these “Teams” find it to be the best I’d say that my opinion is valid. Moreover, there is no self-defense system that has been more “Battle-Tested” than Krav Maga. That makes it a proven system that works.

Like many young boys I always had an interest in martial arts. Perhaps it was all of the Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and later Jackie Chan movies I had watched. Finally, after college I took the plunge and contacted many martial arts schools. The one I settled on at the time was Champions Martial Arts. It was a school that taught multiple systems as one. I practiced there for years obtaining a black-belt in Shin-Nagare Karate and Wu-Shu Kung-Fu.

There were lost of positive things I learned there. The four that you should learn at any quality martial arts school: Respect, Discipline, Patience, & Determination. It also provided me a place to set goals and obtain them through hard work. The most practical martial art I was introduced to there was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I had a solid foundation on ground-fighting. I also developed many friendships many of which I still enjoy today. Eventually the Head Instructor retired, and it was time to find a new martial arts school to train & practice.

About that time I heard about an Israeli Martial Art system called, Krav-Maga while watching a television program. What piqued my interest was the instructor talking about using “anything” as a weapon and the practicality of the system. It was simple, effective, and anyone could learn it. That was all I had to hear, now I had to find a place to checkout this martial art. And I’ll continue the story in my next post. Until then, “Walk In Peace”.

Cary Michael Cox