Humility First

Humility First

Humility First is the number one “Core Value” at Fairway Independent Mortgage. We have ten of them and live by them.

The 1st Core Value is “Humility First”. Humility First is the essence of Fairway Independent Mortgage. It has to be part of your DNA to be “on the team”.

Here is an a real-life example of how not to show humility. This person did not demonstrate Humility First.

We had an small party at our house for the Super Bowl.

When they showed the Atlanta owner leave his box and go to the sideline already celebrating at the end of the 3rd quarter, I told everyone, “that’s it – the Patriots are going to win this game.”

Of course everyone asked why do you say that? To which I replied, “See the coach already on the sideline, he’s violated Core Value #1 he’s not showing humility.”

One of the mom’s said, “Do you really believe that?” My reply, “Yes mam, God expects us to be humble, especially in victory – anytime you lack humility and get out in front of yourself, God has a way of putting you “in check”. I don’t know if she understood my hockey reference, though she clearly understood what I meant.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Patriots were going to come back and win the instant I saw that.

Atlanta was put “in check”, I wonder if the owner even realizes what happened.

Showing “Humility First” is important in both victory and defeat. It also keeps you from getting out ahead of yourself, keeps you grounded, and makes you a better person.

We are taught at Fairway to have Humility First in everything we do. It is our most important core value. Humility First is the fabric of who we are in business.

Humility First is all about being humble, hungry, and smart.

Cary Michael Cox

Welcome to My World

Welcome to My World

My world is my website to share my world about Cary Michael Cox.

The passions & interests in my world that I have and make me unique . As you can see from my website, I am interested in Krav-Maga/Martial Arts, Texas Longhorn Athletics, Texas History, Politics, the Mortgage Industry, and Family. I hope to share some of the reasons for these interests and provide good information on each of these topics.

To be honest with you, I have had a passion for each of these since childhood. Being a 5th Generation Texan obviously explains almost all of them. Texans believe in defending oneself, family, home, and friends. So being interested in Martial Arts later finding what I think is the ultimate self-defense system in Krav-Maga came natural.

Texans by nature are big family people and I deeply care for my family.

My father and uncle went to the University of Texas. They took me to Longhorn games as a young boy. My first game was when I was five years old. Moreover, I fell in love with The University of Texas and graduated there myself.

In addition, what Texan doesn’t love Texas History? We were are own nation, we had The Alamo, won a war with Mexico in the shortest battle ever for independence, have had Texans become presidents, NASA. The list goes on and on. I just love my state!

My love for politics stems from my sense of right vs wrong. Being independent, and the belief that are Founding Fathers were divinely inspired to write the greatest document for freedom know to man, The Constitution of The United States.

I came to the mortgage industry through my love of real estate. I grew up fascinated with homes, don’t ask me why as my dad was a petroleum engineer. Nonetheless, I started out in the real estate business and after a decade became involved in the mortgage industry

As I build my site out you’ll learn more about my world. My passions – the history, the funny anecdotes, and a whole lot more.

Cary Michael Cox