Sam Houston on this day in history October 22nd, 1836 was sworn in as the first President of The Republic of Texas. People forget that Texas is the only state that was previously its’ own independent nation. They also forget that Sam Houston was instrumental in both creating and governing The Republic of Texas. Most just know him as the man for which the nation’s fourth-largest city is named.

General Sam Houston is most famous for leading the Texan Army against General Santa Anna at “The Battle of San Jacinto”. It was at this battle that The Republic of Texas won its’ independence from Mexico. That battle was the shortest most decisive in history.

Furthermore, he was a leader and a statesman. These are the reasons that he was elected the first president of The Republic of Texas. There were five temporary capitols for Texas before Sam Houston moved it to Houston. The five other cities were Washington On The Brazos, Harrisburg, Galveston, Velasco, and Columbia. The first, Washington on the Brazos is know as the “Cradle of Texas Independence”. The Texas Declaration of Independence was signed there. Eventually the second president of Texas moved the capitol to Austin, Texas.

Sam Houston was the only southern governor once Texas became a state  to oppose secession from the union. That was a decision that costs him the governorship. It also shows why he was a great statesman as he was a man of principle. He was instrumental in the annexation of Texas and became the first United States Senator from the state.

Sam Houston has political experience from being the governor of Tennessee before moving to Texas. He is the only person to ever be governor of two states. In addition, he is the only person to be both a president of a nation and governor of a state.

Texans owe a lot of their course through history to Sam Houston.

Cary Michael Cox