Texas Longhorns – they are my college team, and I’ve know that since I was five years old. Cheering for the Texas Longhorns is something I learned from my father, Russell Cox, and my uncle Jon House. Both of them are went to The University of Texas at Austin. They had season tickets to Texas Longhorns football games for as long as I can remember.

I remember the very first Texas football game I attended. It was against our rival Texas A&M on a cold November Thanksgiving Day in Austin, TX. It was cold for Texas anyway which meant you had to wear a sweater. For some reason my mom had packed a burgundy sweater for me. Unfortunately burgundy looks like maroon, the school color of our rival. I was so upset that everyone else was in Texas “Burnt-Orange” while I languished in ugly maroon.

Thus, that was the first time I had ever become upset with my mother. On the other hand, when you get that feeling over having to wear a maroon sweater you know without a doubt you are a Longhorn! The saving grace of that day was later in the evening when the game was played, my Longhorns slaughtered that Aggies.

That’s one of the great things about being a Texas fan, we dominate our two rivals – the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Aggies. Our all-time record against Oklahoma is 61-45-5 and against Texas A&M is 76-37-5. Unfortunately with Texas A&M moving conferences we no longer play them – for now anyway.

Justin Tucker's Winning Field Goal

I was blessed that for the rest of my childhood thru my teenage years I was able to attend Texas football games. Moreover, I loved those trips to Austin with my parents and my Uncle Jon & Aunt Sue. Furthermore, with every game I attended the bigger fan I became.

Bleeding orange is something that I’ll do my entire life. Now it’s something I’ve passed onto my two sons, and they love it too!

Cary Michael Cox