Franklin Texas Trips, It’s All About Baseball

Franklin Texas Trips always include baseball for our family. Both boys play for the Houston Heat Organization and their 14 U & 13 U team play at “The Ranch” in Franklin, Texas. It’s a great environment and the best part is that teams from all over the state participate. That makes it easier to see how you stack up against the competition state-wide.

Franklin is a small town about thirty minutes north of Bryan-College Station Texas in the rolling hills of Central Texas. The town is the country seat of Robertson County. It is a town of only sixteen-hundred eighteen people, but they have in my opinion the most beautiful baseball fields in Texas. And that’s why Franklin Texas Trips are all about baseball for our family.

“The Ranch” is eighty-four acres that contains six baseball and softball fields. The fields are all built at different levels in the rolling hills of this gorgeous part of Texas. They are a combination of turf in the in-field and natural gas out-fields.

When we go to see our sons, Garrett & Tyler’s teams play there it’s a fun “road-trip for the entire family. Not only do we all go together we bring our German Shepherd and Yorkie-Poo with us. The park allows dogs on a leash and they love going as much as we do.

One of our traditions for our Franklin Texas Trips is a stop at “Country Donuts”. It’s a little donut shop in Franklin that has great donuts and the best apple-fritter you’ve ever tasted. The people that run it are very nice.

As you can imagine being a small town Franklin consequently doesn’t have a lot of dining options. So much of the time we pack lunches and snack with us – those are essential items of a “road trip” anyway. If we have to get something there is a good burger place called The General Store in the next town over in New Baden.

Overall we love our “Baseball Experience” at “The Ranch” in Franklin, Texas. If you ever get a chance to watch a game there on a beautiful-spring day – do it! It’s a great combination of two of America’s past-times: Baseball & Small Towns.

Cary Michael Cox


Foster Knowledge & Growth – Core Value #2 at Fairway Independent Mortgage

Foster Knowledge & Growth – Core Value #2 at Fairway Independent Mortgage

Today we visit Fairway Independent Mortgage’s Core Value  number two – “Foster Knowledge & Growth”.

 If you are not learning, you are not growing, and you are not helping you clients.

 If there is ever an industry in a constant state of change, it would be ours – the mortgage industry. Guidelines seem to change hourly, regulations, compliance, loan programs. The list goes on & on.

You have to embrace this constant change to be the best in the business. And the best way to do that is by fostering knowledge and growth.

One of the things we do at Fairway to stay on top of change on a daily basis – is to send two different e-mails to inform everyone company-wide of changes.

The first is ” The Retail Daily Credit Policy Newsletter”. It addresses any regulatory changes from the likes of Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac, and FHA. In addition, it alerts us to upcoming guideline changes from these same agencies in addition, to our portfolio lender programs.

The second, is “The Product Post Of The Day”. It advises to new products available to our clients. In addition, it alerts us to any changes to existing products.

At Fairway we are also required to take annual training for compliance, and security for documents. Our client’s privacy and the security of their private information is paramount at Fairway.

Our CEO Steve Jacobson is a huge believe in coaching. Branch managers and their loan officers have access to the best coaching programs in the industry. Many of these are paid for in part or whole by the company – they are that important.

We have on-going training through on-line educational programs thru our Fairway Mortgage University. There are so many great classes available for every position in our company.

We also have weekly webinars for new products and programs so we can better serve our clients.

Finally, we have live classes and seminars on a variety of subjects that are available to the appropriate staff.

Education is power and thru fostering knowledge and growth we want to be the most powerful and educated mortgage company for our clients – they deserve nothing but the best!

Cary Michael Cox – Operations Manager The Kelso Group

RMLO # 336786  NMLS # 2289

Humility First

Humility First

Humility First is the number one “Core Value” at Fairway Independent Mortgage. We have ten of them and live by them.

The 1st Core Value is “Humility First”. Humility First is the essence of Fairway Independent Mortgage. It has to be part of your DNA to be “on the team”.

Here is an a real-life example of how not to show humility. This person did not demonstrate Humility First.

We had an small party at our house for the Super Bowl.

When they showed the Atlanta owner leave his box and go to the sideline already celebrating at the end of the 3rd quarter, I told everyone, “that’s it – the Patriots are going to win this game.”

Of course everyone asked why do you say that? To which I replied, “See the coach already on the sideline, he’s violated Core Value #1 he’s not showing humility.”

One of the mom’s said, “Do you really believe that?” My reply, “Yes mam, God expects us to be humble, especially in victory – anytime you lack humility and get out in front of yourself, God has a way of putting you “in check”. I don’t know if she understood my hockey reference, though she clearly understood what I meant.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Patriots were going to come back and win the instant I saw that.

Atlanta was put “in check”, I wonder if the owner even realizes what happened.

Showing “Humility First” is important in both victory and defeat. It also keeps you from getting out ahead of yourself, keeps you grounded, and makes you a better person.

We are taught at Fairway to have Humility First in everything we do. It is our most important core value. Humility First is the fabric of who we are in business.

Humility First is all about being humble, hungry, and smart.

Cary Michael Cox