Corruption – The Obama Administration Defines It

Corruption – The Obama Administration Defines It

Corruption as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is dishonest or unlawful behavior especially by powerful people, such as politicians. Has there ever been a more corrupt time in American History than 2008-2016? The evidence says “no”. Every day it is becoming more and more evident that the Obama Administration was the most corrupt ever. Barrack Obama has constantly tried to sell to the citizenry that his administration was “scandal free”. That is just an outright lie – he and his administration define corruption. The facts will prove it.

Right out of the gate we had “Fast & Furious” where the government sold guns to cartel members that were later used to kill a US Border Patrol agent.

His Attorney General, Eric Holder, was held in contempt of Congress. The only cabinet-level appointee ever charged with contempt in American History.

The Obama-Care Scandal with the political payoffs to Senators, the billion-dollar website that didn’t work, Obama’s great lie of “You can keep your doctor”. The list on just Obama-Care could take up an entire post.

The IRS scandal where they admittedly singled-out conservative groups. They lied about having computer back-ups that would prove their dishonesty.

His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, had a private-server in her basement where that contained some of the most top secret information in the government. She knowingly used the unsecured server to transmit this information. Both of these facts are criminal acts.

Benghazi, where they made up a story blaming an internet video to cover up the death of four brave Americans.

There are so many more to list. On the other hand, we need to look at the very recent scandals that are coming to light. These are the ones that actually may finally put Hillary Clinton behind bars. And if we are lucky Barrack Obama himself.

The first is the Uranium One scandal. Apparently his administration covered-up the fact that there was an on-going FBI investigation of the Russian company that he and Hillary Clinton wanted to sell twenty-percent of the United State’s uranium reserves.

The second, are the lies about who paid for the “Trump Dossier” and the FBI’s, Hillary Clinton’s, the Democratic National Committee, and Obama himself.

Finally, their lies, deceit, and denials are all coming out now – corruption cannot stay hidden forever – stay tuned!

Cary Michael Cox

Sam Houston Sworn in As First President of The Republic of Texas

Sam Houston Sworn in As First President of The Republic of Texas

Sam Houston on this day in history October 22nd, 1836 was sworn in as the first President of The Republic of Texas. People forget that Texas is the only state that was previously its’ own independent nation. They also forget that Sam Houston was instrumental in both creating and governing The Republic of Texas. Most just know him as the man for which the nation’s fourth-largest city is named.

General Sam Houston is most famous for leading the Texan Army against General Santa Anna at “The Battle of San Jacinto”. It was at this battle that The Republic of Texas won its’ independence from Mexico. That battle was the shortest most decisive in history.

Furthermore, he was a leader and a statesman. These are the reasons that he was elected the first president of The Republic of Texas. There were five temporary capitols for Texas before Sam Houston moved it to Houston. The five other cities were Washington On The Brazos, Harrisburg, Galveston, Velasco, and Columbia. The first, Washington on the Brazos is know as the “Cradle of Texas Independence”. The Texas Declaration of Independence was signed there. Eventually the second president of Texas moved the capitol to Austin, Texas.

Sam Houston was the only southern governor once Texas became a state  to oppose secession from the union. That was a decision that costs him the governorship. It also shows why he was a great statesman as he was a man of principle. He was instrumental in the annexation of Texas and became the first United States Senator from the state.

Sam Houston has political experience from being the governor of Tennessee before moving to Texas. He is the only person to ever be governor of two states. In addition, he is the only person to be both a president of a nation and governor of a state.

Texans owe a lot of their course through history to Sam Houston.

Cary Michael Cox


Speed to Respond – Core Value # 5

Speed to Respond – Core Value # 5

Speed to Respond is the primary reason that Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation has achieved so much success and growth. It starts at the top and flows through every facet and person at the company. As they say “speed kills” and it why Fairway is killing the competition.

Management is quick to respond to “The Street” or the branch/loan officer level. Management includes the following: operations, underwriting, legal, compliance, pricing, closing & funding. When they respond quickly to “The Street” they in turn can respond quickly to their clients and referral sources. These are the life-blood of any mortgage organization and deserve a fast response.

Everything at Fairway Independent Mortgage is set-up to the mantra of “Speed to Respond”. Above all else is that Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation does not believe in excessive layers of management. Those layers just slow the process down of getting an answer or result for a client or team-member quickly. Loan officers have a direct line to their branch manager. In turn the branch manager has direct access to whatever person, department, or executive they need to get a response and answer quickly.

Another unique quality about Fairway Independent Mortgage is that they hire the very best at each position and they only do that one position. This prevents a cross-up n lines of communication. Moreover, it empowers everyone in the company to know that they work with the best and their sole focus is to be the best at what they do. Additionally, it truly defines “positive synergy”.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is an an employ-owned private company or ESOP. This type of structure gives it even more advantages to act quickly. Because the company is employee owned Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is not “beholden” to Wall Steer analysts. This independence allows Fairway as a company to make changes quicker than the competition in an ever-changing mortgage market. In addition, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation can make long-term decisions that perhaps would negatively effect “quarterly” earnings, while on the other hand the benefits will be ten-fold in the future.

The “Speed to Respond insures that Fairway Independent Mortgage is built to deliver mortgages to the marketplace fast!

Cary Michael Cox


Refinance – When Does it Make Sense

Refinance – When Does it Make Sense

Refinance – when does it make sense?

Here are some good rules of thumb from our blog located at

When considering refinancing your home with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation – The Kelso Group, it is important to determine what goals you have for your short-term and long-term finances. When you refinance, you pay off your current mortgage loan with a new mortgage loan that has rates and terms that should better suit your overall financial needs.

There are many ways that refinancing your home mortgage loan could benefit you:

  • Reduce your interest rate – If your home is currently financed at a higher-than-market rate, you may be able to reduce your interest rate and overall interest costs by financing at a lower rate. Over time, this could save you a great deal of money!
  • Extend terms to lower monthly payment – You may be able to extend the repayment time of your loan, which will also lower the monthly payment. If you are looking to improve your cash flow, this may be a good option for you. Just keep in mind that you will be making payments on your home for a longer period of time.
  • Build equity faster – You may also be able to shorten the term of your mortgage, which could reduce your interest rate and/or overall interest expense. By moving to a 15-year fixed rate, you might be able to pay off your home sooner without increasing your monthly payment by much.
  • Change from variable to fixed rate – You may be able to reduce your monthly payment by changing from a variable-rate to fixed-rate loan. This may help free you from the potentially expensive interest rate/payment fluctuations that can occur in a volatile real estate market by locking in a low, fixed interest rate.

The bottom line is that there are many ways to save money and benefit from refinancing!

Cary Michael Cox

Smart Phones – Are They Hurting Your Child’s Learning Ability?

Smart Phones – Are They Hurting Your Child’s Learning Ability?

Smart phones – they are ubiquitous. I tell my wife that our son once he learns to drive won’t be able to go anywhere without his cell phone. That is because he never looks up from it in the car to see where we are going. He’ll need Google Maps to go anywhere, and if the battery runs out or his phone dies, he’ll be “lost”.

When it comes to school kids today use cell phones to look up information to write reports and work problems. But would they be able to find the answer without their smart phones?

So the question lingers do smart phones really make us smarter?

A study at my Alma Matter The University of Texas has research showing that smart phones may actually make us dumber. Here is an article on it from :

Looks like the word “smartphone” may be a misnomer. Sure the phone may be smart, but just having it around makes us dumber, according to a study of nearly 800 phone users conducted by the University of Texas at Austin. 

Researchers at the university’s McCombs School of Business asked participants to take a series of computer-based tests that needed their full concentration. Before they began the tests, geared to measure “the brain’s ability to hold and process data at any given time,” people in the study were randomly asked to either place their phone facedown on the desk, in their pocket or in another room. All were told to mute the sound. 

The study found that people with their phones in another room “significantly outperformed” those who had their phones on the desk, and did slightly better than those who had their phones in a pocket. 

“Your conscious mind isn’t thinking about your smartphone, but that process — the process of requiring yourself to not think about something — uses up some of your limited cognitive resources,” said McCombs Assistant Professor Adrian Ward, who headed the experiment. “It’s a brain drain.”

Researchers found just having a phone within view or easy reach reduces a person’s ability to focus and perform tasks, because our brain’s are actively working to not pick up the phone. “The mere presence of their smartphones was enough to reduce their cognitive capacity,” Ward said.

Sound like the research has vindicated my opinion on our son and his smart phone – maybe we should just call them cell phones!

Cary Michael Cox