Safety Tips should be followed all year around, but particularly during the long-holiday period at the end of the year. During these times of joy and goodwill towards man, many bad-guys are ready to take advantage of people “dropping their guard”. The majority are using this tie of year and holiday spirit to see the best in mankind. On the other hand, an evil few will try and take advantage of those celebrating good tidings to their fellow man.

During my decades of training through other martial arts and years of Krav Maga I’ve learned how to practice self-awareness of my environment. In addition, to attending many seminars & training’s from law enforcement including the Secret Service, FBI, State Police, and Local Law Enforcement. I’d like to share these safety tips here with you now. Moreover, I hope you learn from these safety tips and they help you stay vigilant during the holiday season.

Holiday Safety Tips:

  1. When walking through parking lots try to not to walk between cars, but rather down the middle of the lanes for cars unless there is a car using it. By taking this action you will have more time to react to someone that may be hiding behind a car.
  2. Never park next to a van – many times they are used by bad-guys to abduct people as they get out of their car – they just slide the side door open grab you and go.
  3. When going to and from your car stay off your cell phone. You are making yourself an easy target by this distraction and being unaware of your environment.
  4. When returning to your vehicle only unlock the driver side-door and look into the rear windows to see if anyone is in your backseat. Then enter the car as fast as possible and lock the door.
  5. Take advantage at the grocery service of having someone help you with getting your groceries to your car. There is strength in numbers. Your safety is worth the price of the tip for the person that helped you.
  6. Have an app installed on your phone like Life 360 in order for family members to track where you are located. This app also track in real-time your driving or walking track.
  7. Use ATM machines that are located inside of stores. Even if you have to pay a fee that is a small price to pay for the enhanced safety.
  8. Whether in parking lot, a mall, or walking down the street always look at those approaching you in the eye. Attackers by nature are really cowards and are looking for the easy target, the distracted person, not the self-aware person.
  9. In heavy traffic be in the lane next to the sidewalk or shoulder – it provides an escape route that you won’t have in the other lanes.
  10. Don’t open your wallet or purse to give anyone change – bad guys use that as a way to snatch it.
  11. Shop at stores where you can pull right up to them or they have surface parking – your chance of being attacked goes up significantly in a closed parking garage.
  12. Shop on-line as much as possible – shopping at home is much safer than shopping at a mall.
  13. Avoid late-night or super early “Black Friday” sales your safety and life is worth more than saving a few dollars.
  14. Shop with friends – it’s more fun and there is strength in numbers.
  15. After you have purchased gifts, especially large ones like TVsĀ  don’t take a direct route home. Make some clear turns in different direction to see if anyone is following you. Many criminals wait in the parking lot of places like appliance stores and follow people home that have walked out with a TV or computer.

Obviously the most important of all safety tips is to be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be an easy target.

Cary Michael Cox